Projection Mapping – The Remix – RTA 948

10 Oct

This is a link to the youtube video which not only documents my projection mapping work, but also a little bit of the process of creating it

This is a link to the google drive account where the zip file can be accessed to view my processing/code aspect for the project


RTA 223 – Site Map, Wireframes & User Scenarios

2 Mar

These are PDF links to the different Outlines and Wire-Frames for my App

The outline showing each page and their connectedness:

RTA 223 – App Page Outline – Christina De Bartolo

The wire frame outline what each page will look like:

RTA 223 – App WireFrame – Christina De Bartolo

The first persona for using the app (New to the app and car modifications):

RTA 223 – First Persona Wireframe – Christina De Bartolo

A second persona using the app (More advanced skill with the app and car modifications):

RTA 223 – Second Persona Wireframe – Christina De Bartolo




RTA 223 – Interview

8 Feb

RTA 223 – The App’s Ideal User – Christina De Bartolo

Click the above link for a PDF version for the written aspect of this assignment.

RTA 223 Proposal:Car Mod App

1 Feb

Car clubs or automotive enthusiasts have been around since cars were invented. There has been a culture that has established around this community and it is amazing! The following of is not really limited either; People of all ages, nationalities, genders, not only love gazing cars, but love customizing their own. Car modifications, or ‘mods’ for short, have become a big deal for so many car enthusiasts because they are able to customize their ‘ride’, and make the experience of being a car enthusiast that much more personal and exciting.

The issue with car mods is the fact that sometimes you are making purchases blindly. The reason for this is when you want to buy a part (example new rims) you do have an image of what the rims look like, and you may be able to find on Google, a picture of another car with those rims on, but there is no way to see them on your own car. People are willing to spend upwards of $1000 for a simple pair of rims for their car, and usually when spending that much money, you want to know for sure you will enjoy the product you are getting. The other issue is the majority of the time people will be modifying their car, with previous mods they have done to it. If they saw just a standard, or stock, car with those mods done, they could get a better picture, but not as good as if they could see it on their exact car.

The app I’m proposing will solve all these problems and more! The app would be created where the user could choose the make, model, year, and color of their car. From there they would receive an image of a stock car with the specifics they requested. From there they could try on different exterior mod’s (side skirts, spoilers, rims, hood, etc.) to see what they thought. They could also line up a picture in a specific way, under the template of the stock car, and try the mods on their exact car. The great thing about this app is that you could bring in profit by having different car mod companies buy into the app, this would bring their product onto the app, which gives them advertising, but if the person using the app tries on one of their products, they can be re-directed to buy that exact thing from that company, bringing money to not only the app (for having sponsors) but also to the companies because people will be able to try their product on their own car, and then buy it if they like, which will bring more interest from sponsors, and the cycle continues.

The final aspect to this app would be a social aspect. Another thing is that usually people want others opinions on the mod. I see this on other social media apps all the time, but it would be much more practical to have one place to do this. There could be a social media aspect to the app, where you could save the image with the mods you tried on, and post it on your timeline, where your friends could comment on what they thought.

The other benefit is that I did not find any apps like this. Although you can create fake cars for games, there really was nothing like this app, or nothing that let you do all the things the app I’m proposing could do.

Although this is just a basic explanation, I know that not only will this app be helpful to car enthusiast, but it would make the process of modifying your car so much easier, and fun too!

RTA 223 App Review

26 Jan
Christina De Bartolo
RTA 223
Monday, January 26th, 2014
Assignment: App or Device Review

The app I chose to review for this assignment is the GO Transit app. The GO Transit app is basically an app that contains many types of information useful to anyone who is going to use the GO Train or GO Bus services. The main uses for this app are being able to access any GO Train or GO Bus schedule. As well you can add favorites, to help easily access the stops or routes you take more frequently. They also have alerts and tips, and service updates, which are great to have access to in case there are any delays you may be able to plan a different route.

I use the app on a daily basis. I use both the bus and train service everyday and I use the app before using the service to make sure the bus or train is on time. I am usually on it about 10 minutes in total a day. I find the app is most useful, for me, to see what time there is a train, and if the bus to my city is at a corresponding time. This is useful because you do not have to have a paper schedule on you, you can just open your phone and go to your favorites and everything is there for you

Using a specific example of after class on Thursday, January 23, 2014. I finished class and went to pick up a few CD’s from the store. I missed the train I usually take so I opened the app on my way to the station to see when the next train was. I used the favorites tabs because I have already saved the train and bus route I need. I found that there was another train at 4:15, with a bus connection to my town right after. They do not advertise anything, which is nice because the app is strictly used for GO Transit. It makes everything quick, and available to you at any time

The app was created to be very simple and easy to access. Navigating through it is not time consuming, which is perfect when you need to access this information quickly. I think the app is perfect for the reason it was made for. It has a simple design, simple tabs which are easy to understand where they will take you. I have recommend this app to everyone I know who also takes GO Transit services. The only thing that would be a great addition to the app would be if you could see the balance of your PRESTO card (which is the money card you load and us on the GO Transit services) because then you could see if you will need to fill your card up, which takes some time because usually the line is quite long, and it may affect what train or bus you can take. Other than that I think the app works really well and I have never had any issues with it, and it is quite useful to me on a daily basis.

MPM107 Final Essay – New Media & Simulators

29 Nov

To access my New Media and Simulators essay, click and download or view the PDF below.

MPM 107 – Essay – New Media and Simulation

By: Christina D

MPM107 HTML5 102

15 Nov

George, Angie, Raine, Christina

What Image File Formats should be used for web pages, why (how does compression affect loading?)?The formats that should be used for webpages are GIF, JPEG, and PNG. These formats can also all be compressed. Depending on what the use of the image is, depends how which one to choose, and how to compress it. Examples can be found at Webstyle The reason that compressing files is important is because they are easier and faster to load. Many people have access to a variation of Internet speeds, as well as the images being accessed from multiple devices. If the image is easy to load, it makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to access your website, and do so effortlessly.
How do you optimize images for the web?
Optimizing images for the web varies on the use of the image and what area you want to compromise. For this reason there are many different ways to optimize

your photos, and this is a link, along to the one mentioned before, which can be used to help you decide how you would like to optimize your photos. Just for example, if you wanted to create a JPEG image, you must note that it creates image noise. Basically you loose some of the colour detail in the image. (As can be seen in the example shown with the fish).
What tricks and tips can you use to make your webpage load faster?
One website,, discussed five tips they think are useful, and I think these are all ways which do make sense to speed up a webpage.

Tip #1: Don’t use more JavaScript in your webpage, I do not understand much about JavaScript, other than that it is another code or language that creates interactive effects, if you would like to know more about JavaScript, check out This Link.

Tip #2: Use small image and video files. Like discussed in the earlier part of this post, it is important to use smaller images and videos because it makes it easier for the web to load them.

Tip #3: Remove blank space from your code. The website says that this will increase loading speed, it does not say how, but I assume it is faster for the site to read through the code this way.

Tip #4: Enable webpage caching: the website describes this as “Webpage caching is a mechanism to make a temporary storage of HTML pages and images. It means if anyone visits your site, browser stores that page temporary. Caching is also use to reduce bandwidth usage and server load. That’s why the websites load faster after using webpage caching. If you are running a WordPress blog, you can use some of the plugins like WP Super Cache etc. to enable caching of webpages.” (

How can you use images in css, show us examples?One way to imagespriteexamplepicuse images in CSS is using image sprites. This is a collection of images made into one, and this also helps create a faster loading time. It also can be used with images for home pages, back or forward buttons, and then hover effect, or code, can be used over top.
How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site and video in html5?
When on YouTube there is an Embed button, once you click this you will be given a code. This code can be taken and put into your code to create the video to be shown.
How do you optimize video for the web and incorporate it in your web page?
As discussed earlier in the post, you can use smaller, or compressed versions of a video because this will make it easier to load and view. It is important for people to be able to access information quickly and effortlessly, or else they may become frustrated with your website and click out.
How do you optimize sound for the web and incorporate it in your web page?
There are many things you can do to optimize you sound files visit this website for many ways to optimize you sound files. Some tips include: Performing basic sound editing to rid of unwanted noises (buzz, cough, sneeze). Another is to use digital enhancements to amplify the soundtrack (changing pitch shift)
What are some of the dos and don’ts of web design with media?
One major don’t in webpage design is over clutter. Many people try to add to much colour, and image, and the webpage becomes difficult to pay attention to, and sometimes hard to read. This takes away from the content, or the important aspects of the page. It is important to (or a Do) to find a theme you like, choose a few colors (1-3) main colors, to incorporate and stick to, and create an appealing site around that.
What resolution should you design for?
One website discussed that having multiple variations of website sizes is not uncommon because there are people accessing websites from so many different devices, which are all using different screen sizes. Also some people do not use there computer screen at full size when viewing webpage, and it is important to keep that in mind to. The author states “with so many different screen resolutions and window sizes in use, optimizing your website for one screen resolution doesn’t really make sense. If for some reason, you were forced to choose one, due to time constraints or otherwise, I would go with 1280 x 768. This is pretty much the baseline standard these days as far as desktop browsing goes. However, you should be designing your site for all window sizes using responsive design.” (
Designing for mobiles?
It is also important to remember that many mobile devices are unable to load the amount of graphics a computer can. Also, a computer and phone have different screen sizes, and the amount of information that can be viewed on one mobile screen versus a computer also varies. This website gives some great tips on how o optimize your site for mobiles as well. One tip discussed is using HTML5, because mobile device are capable of reading this, which will help keep the codes you already have create, mobile friendly, meaning you only have to do things once. Another tip I learned on my own is, for example, when using a server such as word press, you can go into your dashboard, and there is a link to make your website mobile, which also gives the creator a few wa ys on what the page will look like on a mobile device. There is a simplified, mobile friendly, version it can create, or you can make it exactly how it is seen on a computer.

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