MPM107 Tinkering

18 Sep

Tinkering was something that, like the author of Tinkering, I originally though of as something that meant you had to physically handle tangible objects. After reading the article though i was shown a new outlook which has changed my definition. My definition of tinkering now is based on the idea that tinkering could be mentally too. I think that tinkering is using your imagination and creativity and exploring different possibilities. Hopefully this definition has come across as broad, because that was the idea. I do not think that tinkering can be chained to one specific way of doing something because there are so many ways that a person can tinker. It could be physically with objects, or drawing, or even mentally tinkering with ideas.

The video by John Seely Brown also discussed tinkering and helped me create that definition. One idea he discussed was the parallel of tinkering and critique. He discussed how a person could tinker when giving or receiving a critique. How it is seen, is to critique something you look at what may be good or bad, and think of different ways it could be fixed, this, if going back to my definition is using your imagination or creativity and exploring a different possibility. I think this video is also a great tool to use to show a more mental side of tinkering, as well as a more communal way, because it discusses sharing ideas with another person, or group of people.

I think these new ideas of tinkering are great, but it makes me think about my skills with tinkering, and where I can excel and also fix. I think I can excel in the aspect of being able to create multiple ideas of something, usually through small sketches. I think this is a great skill to have when discussing tinkering because it may be hard for some people to come up with multiple ideas based on one project. Where I do not do as well, and would like to learn more in, is being able to self criticize. Usually I am able to take criticisms from other people but I think it is important to see the issues in your own work.

I would encourage everyone to check out the article and video because it has expanded my idea on tinkering, and I am now able to see that it is achieved in more way that’s one.



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