MPM107 New Media Research

19 Sep

I think the field of new media has a lot of opportunity for people who have multiple skills. If you do not have all these skills, then maybe a few, and you can work on the others. The skills I think you need going into any field of new media is creativity, because you need to be able to think in creative ways to create projects, critique others work,  and the field is based on new types and forms of media, and to create something ‘new’ you need to think in a creative way. I also think it is very important to have good presentation skills; this is because new media is many times based on groups. The reason for this is because new media can combine so many aspects of design and creation that working with multiple people with specialized skills means you can have the best product from multiple levels (technological, design, creativity, production) Although being able to work in a group is important, it is also important to be able to be able to make presentations. Whether you are presenting your idea to other interested co-workers, a pitch to a company (to receive grants, or so they choose you to create their project) it is an important skill to have (For more on oral presentations visit my blog post in Week Two).

Personally I think I have decent creativity skills so I do not think I need much help in that area (although learning different creative ways to do things is always good for anyone who wants to expand their creative minds). Where I need help I think is more being able to manage working in groups, I find that I do a good job listening to others, their ideas, and their skills, but I dislike working with someone who has no passion for the project (whatever it may be) because if a group shares the same passion for a project everyone will do well in whatever their job is. Another area I would like to advance is my presentation skills. Although I have pretty good public speaking skills, I think it is important to learn how to make an effective presentation. (Read my blog post in Week Two to find out more about public speaking and presentation). Hopefully I have been able to give you a simple look on skills I have seen to be important to work on when going into the New Media industry.


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