MPM107 Oral Skills

19 Sep

Public speaking, some hear this and basically freak out, but not for me. Although I get a little nervous, giving an oral presentation has never been scary for me. I think for me it is easy to speak in front of a group of people because when I was younger I was a dancer. Being a dancer means getting on stage multiple times a day and performing in front of hundreds and even thousands of strangers. Personally I think this is what helped me overcome any type of fear regarding public speaking and oral presentations. Although being able to get up and speak is important, it is only a small part of what is important.

The first thing, which is important, is the content. Although you may not always have the option, I think it is important to make sure the content is important and relevant to the audience your speaking to. On it is discussed how organizing the content is important; Making sure that the beginning with capture the audiences attention, using minimal points to explain rather than pages of words. They also discuss making sure that at the end of your presentation “It is very important to leave your audience with a clear summary of everything you have covered.” This is one area where I think I could focus more on because I know sometimes I feel unorganized and a little ‘all over the place’ when doing a presentation.

They also discuss visual aids, which for me is something I always enjoy using in presentations. I enjoy PowerPoint, but I like to include videos, or images so that I can capture the audiences attention and make it more visual appealing; It basi

cally gives the audience a break from only seeing text.

I think learning how to do a proper and effective oral presentation is important because in almost any job you may be interacting with others, making pitches, explaining ideas etc. I would recommend anyone to check out this website because it has some great tips!


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