MPM107 Interactive Communication

25 Sep

The article discussed in this blog post can be found here

This article discusses the relationship between politics and media. In the political world, media has become a new tool. The article states it is used in three ways:

(1) interactivity as accountability

(2) interactivity as inquiry, and

(3) interactivity as connectivity.

The first idea is showing how in politics they will use these media networks to show people the things they are going to accomplish or do. It gives them a place to explain themselves about different issues and be accountable, without having to hold a press conference.

Another idea is using it as inquiry, being able to see what people are looking for or what they want. I have found people usually speak their mind, especially on social media, because they loose the direct confrontation, and this would be a perfect area for politicians to see what people like or dislike about something, and solve the problem from their.

Lastly it discusses using it to connect. I think this is is more to create a personal feel to many politicians who most people would never have the opportunity to talk to. Through media, their are so many ways to talk ‘one on one’ to people, answer their questions, or have discussions, without having to be in the same room. It is easy for politicians to answer at any time of the day they are free as well as the person (or people) involved in the discussion.

Basically the idea of them being more present in the media just pushes their ideas more and makes them present in areas where people spend a lot of their time. it is a place where they can put their ideas and campaigns, and people will see it because media is so present in everyone’s lives, whether it be social media, or television, but it has been more present in social media since it became a  source for peoples information.


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  1. alxbal October 2, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    Please cite your sources!

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