MPM107 Blooms Digital Taxonomy

27 Sep

To read more about Blooms Digital Taxonomy go to

When I first read the web page the thing which stood out at the me most was the chart. The chart has a number of categories starting from remembering, which is the base of thinking skills, and advancing its way up to creating. When discussing this chart I think the area which is my worst is the first one, remembering.¬† The hard part for me is trying to grasp the ideas about a particular thing, it usually just involves more repetition or different explanations for me to remember something. Usually though, once I have something memorized, the rest is much easier. I think where I’m strong from these categories is creating. Usually once I get a grasp on something, everything after that becomes much easier, and I’m able to excel (Like in the creation part) but it does usually take me a little longer to be able to remember and understand, but once those are down, I head as fast as I can to the creation part. I think why I do well in the creation part is because I am able to learn, and develop something in a hands on way.


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