MPM107 Group

27 Sep

      Working in groups is important, I think especially in our area of work. I think being in a media field where the creation of things becomes important, being able to interact and work with others is important because one person is not able to every single task required. Also bringing in other people allows different points of views, and more creative suggestions. 

            In this class I have had the opportunity each week to work with people in groups for assignments. I think the hardest part about working in groups has been that sometimes it may be hard to communicate effectively over email or social media if you have a difficult time explaining yourself through text. I think other than that it is great to work with different people and be able to have multiple opinions and great discussions stemming from people with all different backgrounds. I think I could improve on the way I interact with people via email, because sometimes my emails may be cluttered with many thoughts going on, so I think I can improve on creating more organized emails. I think so far I have done a good job with keeping communication with the members of my group and always responding and getting back to them as soon as possible.

            If you are looking for any information about how to work well with in a group setting please check out these sites:

They give great tips on how to work effectively with others, establishing schedules, discussions through groups, and more!


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