MPM107 Social Media as Research Tools

27 Sep

Four different ways social media can be used for research:

1.     Find anybody’s opinion on a topic

  • a.     Pro: Through social media you have someone who’s giving their opinion who could   have any kind of background in the topic your looking
  • b.     Con: You do not always know how reliable the opinion is

2.     Easy to interact with the person who you get information from

  • a.     Pro: You can talk to the person and ask questions and be more interactive with them
  • b.     Con: They might not know the exact answer your looking for and lead you in the        wrong direction

3. It is easy to access 24/7

  • a.    Pro: You can basically access any social media site through not only any computer, but any handheld device as well (such as a phone or a tablet). This means people can have access to the media at any time no matter where they are.
  • b.    Con: Sometimes certain sites, or connection providers have glitches, or are down to be fixed which can make it hard to access (Basically you must have a peice of technology and internet access

4.  Find out information on who is giving you their insight


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