MPM107 Participation

4 Oct

Participation is very important, from my experience in school, in a few different ways. I have seen it be a great way to get students involved in a topic, but it can also help students brainstorm things like the basic ‘who, what, where, when, and why’. I usually enjoy joining in and participating into class discussions, because I like being able to ask questions, or input information that to me, I think may help another student, because it is helping me at the moment, whether it is making connections, or thinking of it in a different way.  One website stated, “Listening is an essential skill and an important element of any discussion. Effective listeners don’t just hear what is being said, they think about it and actively process it.” (UNSW Australia Current Students). I think this is important, especially in a discussion because sometimes things are re said, or even when a question is asked (by the teacher to students, or student to student) and if you don’t listen to what they said, then the conversation will not end properly, because facts are being said but the question is not being answered, and it can become confusing for everyone. I think this is something that is important for not only me, but anyone to work on, because I think listening is a great skill to have, and it can change a situation from being confusing to very helpful and educational. Another website also brought up a great point generally, and it said “As with any spoken interaction, it is important to respect the opinions of others and be aware of the etiquette of spoken interaction (for example, turn-taking)” (University of Melbourne). I think sometime I get carried away in discussions with my own opinion, and should step back, and remember to look at if from different points of view.  

For more information visit the websites from the works cited, and read the other important points they discuss about participation.


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