MPM107 Problem Solving

4 Oct

Problem solving is very important, especially in a creative field, because usually what you will be doing is solving problems companies, or someone has, in a creative way, whatever that may be. I think its important to know how to solve problems rather than ignore them. The image shown is basically a problem-solving chart.  It shows all aspects involving problem solving.  For me, usually I am really good at gathering information, using different ideas I find in magazines, sketches, discussion, there are so many ways to gather information, and I usually enjoy this part, and am pretty good at it. I think where I could do better is usually developing alternatives. Although I enjoy gathering information, it can be hard sometimes to find solutions for your specific problem. I think it is the part that takes the longest, and can get frustrating when you are ‘stuck’. I think this website puts it right when they say “They overlap: you may have to return to earlier steps, or work them simultaneously, to find the best solution.” (The Study Guides and Strategies). Sometimes even after you think you have found the best solution, you might try it and it may not work, that is also why I think I have difficulty with developing because I want my solution to work the first time. I think this is a great article for anyone to check out if they are interested in problem solving, and reading about all aspects of it.

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