MPM107 Time Management

4 Oct

Time management is important, especially when you are a student, when you are juggling school, part time jobs, a social life, and family time. Personally, I think that I am usually good with managing my time, but there are points where I find myself disorganized, when I have just too much going on, and I found it hard to get back on track. When reading one article, it stated “Complete small tasks straight away rather than putting them off. This will encourage you to begin tackling larger tasks needing attention.” (UNSW Australia Current Students). After reading this I thought about my own life, and realized, when I tackle the small things first, I do think about the bigger tasks. I think I should use this more often because it also, for me at least, keeps my mind ‘clutter free’ with little things, so I can actually focus on the big things. Another tip I found was “Break difficult or ‘boring’ work into sections. This allows you to approach a large task as a series of manageable parts.” (UNSW Australia Current Students). I feel that this is something I do not do, and hopefully will try and use in the future. I think many times I have the issue where I put something off because I know it will be boring and take a long time, I know it does not sound very optimistic, but it happens. I think this tip will definitely help me, and it will be easier to add to a busy schedule because instead of taking a whole day, you can break it up into hourly sessions. To read the other tips about time management check out This Website.

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