MPM107 Digital Identity

7 Oct

Today me and my partner did a quick google search of one another. The point of this was to see how other people will see us when they search us on google. It is part of our digital identity or the footprint we have created online. My partner, in my opinion, was successful, nothing came up about her. This is because for most websites (mostly social media) she goes my different names, which means they will not attach to one another. When she searched my name, many of my social media sites came up. Although i would not mind if they did link together, i thought if i wanted to create a digital identity, i would have to figure out something to separate my personal stuff from the professional aspect. I decided that because all of my personal social media already goes by my full real name, i would create a different name which my professional digital identity would go by, which is now Christina D. I also found this useful because it is much shorter and easy for someone to remember. This was a strategy i think would work to be the most effective because i enjoy the social media sites i currently have, and although there is nothing on them which an employer or teacher would dislike, i think it is much better to have two separate areas, so that in the event i do post something they may not like, i will not have to be as worried. I know in weeks coming up in the class we will be learning about how to help our sites become noticed, for now I’m going to use the tactic we learned in class which is tagging your blog with the same tags (about 3) and continue to build my blog.


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