MPM107 Discussions Reflection

11 Oct

4:Digital Professional Identity (Sept. 27th)

This week we discussed having a digital identity. I think the best part of this class was when we paired up and google searched our partners name. I liked this because when my partner searched my name not only my school stuff came up but my personal stuff as well. Although it did not matter to me before, being in a New Media setting, it is important to have a distinction between what can be found on me when it is for personal, or what someone can see when the search me in the professional world. I learned from this class that a good idea is to distinguish yourself with a professional name online, and a personal name. This makes it easier to control what people see by using that name in that specific setting only.

5:Virtual Worlds (Oct. 4th)

Today we discussed virtual worlds, and the conversation was great! I think my eyes, as well as many other classmates, were open to the ideas of virtual worlds in a different way than we did before. For me, it was not that i thought a specific way about virtual worlds before, but it was more that i did not understand how some people used them. Finding out that people who may not have a working body in the physical world, and how they are able to create one through the virtual world. Also their are young people who use them to over come fear they may have in the social world, by using the virtual worlds you are able to avoid the confrontation of a face to face interaction. We heard so many examples of different ways virtual worlds can be used, and i think i have a better understanding on them, and I know see them as not just a ‘gaming’ place, but a learning place as well. I think they are so interesting, and hopefully i can get myself into a virtual world so i can see first hand what they are all about.

6:Blogs (October 11th)

Today we looked at our blogs, and creating a blog that not only looks professional, but is also functional. We were shown different blogs, ones which were better than others. Although there was not as much discussion in this portion of the class, we learned a lot about how to work the word press interface. I liked learning how to create menus, and sub-menus, because they are helpful to organize my blog, and I like things to be easy to find, and the sub categories definitely help with this. I also created a new background, and fixed my theme, to create a website that was nice to look at, and did not distract from the information. I also got some ideas for what i wanted to include on my sidebar, I was able to play around with the widgets i like, which I’m going to incorporate now into my blog. Basically this was a learning week for me and the potential my blog has!


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