MPM107 Self Directed Learning

11 Oct

Self directed learning is explained by John M. Read as “values acquired through self-study, insight and observation.” (Read). I think that self-directed learning is so important. I have found many times that I have been able to understand something better if I was the one who was exploring and figuring it out on my own. For me this is usually with a ‘hands-on’ subject. I think though even when someone is teaching you something. Ex. History, and it is more lecture type, the self-directed learning could also include things such as asking questions, and being able to interact with the person teaching you. I know this may not be exactly what self directed learning is but I think it is apart of it. I think I could improve on self-directed learning, by bringing this into different areas of learning. For example, if we discuss something I don’t understand, or cannot grasp as well I can actually go and find a way to learn it in my own way. Whether that is through exploration of actually doing this, or even just going through readings on my own time. Overall I think from my own experience that self directed learning can be helpful for a different way of learning.


Works Cited

Read, J. M. (2001). Developing Self-Directed Learning, Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, 9(1), 119-137.


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