MPM107 The Library

4 Nov

The library is a great place to learn new things, gather information, or sometimes a great place to just relax. Although I enjoy going into the library, and finding physical books to use when working on different projects and assignments, the electronic resources that libraries have to offer are amazing. Sometimes it is easier to find a specific article, or item that you may need online, than it is to go into the library. The libraries main online feature is being able to access books and articles online, without having to leave your home. My local library does use the internet and some electronic media sources, but mostly this includes audio books as well as some online versions of books, but they do not have a very big selection of things in other categories. One great thing the Ryerson library offers is not only a wide range of full pdf book documents online, but journals and articles too! Journals and articles can be very helpful, and if you use the RULA search engine properly you can find so many help articles or journals for projects and assignments. I find thing helpful because it is usually easier to read through an article and find key points, as well, it is usually easier to find an article on a topic than a whole book written about it. I have used the RULA electronic media sources a few times. The first time i actually emailed the library and they helped me figure out how to properly use the search engine, since my local library uses a different process. The biggest difference i think is just that my library offers a smaller selection online compared to Ryerosn, and that is why there are so many aspects to searching on the RULA website.


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