RTA 223 App Review

26 Jan
Christina De Bartolo
RTA 223
Monday, January 26th, 2014
Assignment: App or Device Review

The app I chose to review for this assignment is the GO Transit app. The GO Transit app is basically an app that contains many types of information useful to anyone who is going to use the GO Train or GO Bus services. The main uses for this app are being able to access any GO Train or GO Bus schedule. As well you can add favorites, to help easily access the stops or routes you take more frequently. They also have alerts and tips, and service updates, which are great to have access to in case there are any delays you may be able to plan a different route.

I use the app on a daily basis. I use both the bus and train service everyday and I use the app before using the service to make sure the bus or train is on time. I am usually on it about 10 minutes in total a day. I find the app is most useful, for me, to see what time there is a train, and if the bus to my city is at a corresponding time. This is useful because you do not have to have a paper schedule on you, you can just open your phone and go to your favorites and everything is there for you

Using a specific example of after class on Thursday, January 23, 2014. I finished class and went to pick up a few CD’s from the store. I missed the train I usually take so I opened the app on my way to the station to see when the next train was. I used the favorites tabs because I have already saved the train and bus route I need. I found that there was another train at 4:15, with a bus connection to my town right after. They do not advertise anything, which is nice because the app is strictly used for GO Transit. It makes everything quick, and available to you at any time

The app was created to be very simple and easy to access. Navigating through it is not time consuming, which is perfect when you need to access this information quickly. I think the app is perfect for the reason it was made for. It has a simple design, simple tabs which are easy to understand where they will take you. I have recommend this app to everyone I know who also takes GO Transit services. The only thing that would be a great addition to the app would be if you could see the balance of your PRESTO card (which is the money card you load and us on the GO Transit services) because then you could see if you will need to fill your card up, which takes some time because usually the line is quite long, and it may affect what train or bus you can take. Other than that I think the app works really well and I have never had any issues with it, and it is quite useful to me on a daily basis.


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