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MPM107 Discussions Reflection

11 Oct

4:Digital Professional Identity (Sept. 27th)

This week we discussed having a digital identity. I think the best part of this class was when we paired up and google searched our partners name. I liked this because when my partner searched my name not only my school stuff came up but my personal stuff as well. Although it did not matter to me before, being in a New Media setting, it is important to have a distinction between what can be found on me when it is for personal, or what someone can see when the search me in the professional world. I learned from this class that a good idea is to distinguish yourself with a professional name online, and a personal name. This makes it easier to control what people see by using that name in that specific setting only.

5:Virtual Worlds (Oct. 4th)

Today we discussed virtual worlds, and the conversation was great! I think my eyes, as well as many other classmates, were open to the ideas of virtual worlds in a different way than we did before. For me, it was not that i thought a specific way about virtual worlds before, but it was more that i did not understand how some people used them. Finding out that people who may not have a working body in the physical world, and how they are able to create one through the virtual world. Also their are young people who use them to over come fear they may have in the social world, by using the virtual worlds you are able to avoid the confrontation of a face to face interaction. We heard so many examples of different ways virtual worlds can be used, and i think i have a better understanding on them, and I know see them as not just a ‘gaming’ place, but a learning place as well. I think they are so interesting, and hopefully i can get myself into a virtual world so i can see first hand what they are all about.

6:Blogs (October 11th)

Today we looked at our blogs, and creating a blog that not only looks professional, but is also functional. We were shown different blogs, ones which were better than others. Although there was not as much discussion in this portion of the class, we learned a lot about how to work the word press interface. I liked learning how to create menus, and sub-menus, because they are helpful to organize my blog, and I like things to be easy to find, and the sub categories definitely help with this. I also created a new background, and fixed my theme, to create a website that was nice to look at, and did not distract from the information. I also got some ideas for what i wanted to include on my sidebar, I was able to play around with the widgets i like, which I’m going to incorporate now into my blog. Basically this was a learning week for me and the potential my blog has!


MPM107 Weekly Presentations

4 Oct

4:Maker Spaces (Sept. 27th)

Maker spaces was the topic of one of the presentations today. I learned that maker spaces are basically a place where a people go and can collaborate, help on another, interact with people. I thought that learning about something like maker spaces is great because it is a tool that will definitely be helpful for someone like me in a creative field, because i will be able to get hands on help, as well as help others with the things i may be good at. I think maker spaces are almost like a one on one tutorial, because you have someone in front of you that can help or teach you, and you can ask questions, and solve problems. Also, they are important because they can create a great environment to work in and become apart of. It will be a great thing to access, especially because Ryerson has one, and i learned about ones that can be accessed all around Toronto. It is simple on how it relates to New Media, because we are creators, and to collaborate different skills into projects may be hard, because you may not know everything you need to know, but if you are able to collaborate and get help, as well as give it, you can create diverse projects with aspects you would not be able to on your own.

5:Auto-Ethnography (Oct. 4th)

This presentation explained how auto ethnography is research that tries to explore personal connection to understand another culture. It was discussed that because people have their own bias’, you need to find things out from their point of view to fully understand them. I think the point of auto-ethnography is to help in research. If someone is researching a type of culture, they can not just be told a specific feeling, because the researching will have their own bias on the situation. If the researcher is able to experience something from the other persons point of view, they may be able to understand them better. I see this as being a ‘put yourself in someone else shoes’ type of idea.

6:Simulation and New Media (Oct.11th)

Simulation is basically an imitation of a real world process. There are many different types. Medical simulators, used to helped teach first responders how to do certain things in situations they may not have access to, they are able to give them all incedents and disaster situations that can occur. This means they can practice, and be ready no matter what happens, without having to risk anyone’s life practicing. I think the one thing which i was really interested in seeing was that they have many different types of simulators, that can be used from anything such as entertainment, all the way to learning and teaching. I think seeing the variety in was they are used is a good thing, because I never thought of them as being such a valuable resource, but this presentation showed me otherwise.

7:P2P  (Oct.25th)

P2P culture is a culture where people can share files with one another. The p2p stands for peer to peer. This interaction has to do with sharing files or things through the internet. This is the way many things have been shared on the internet because the peer does not necessarily have to be someone you know, it may be someone who you never met physically but you are still choosing to share files. P2P could be illegal, and some people use this to share illegal content, but it is also used for people to pass on any other form of media. I personally have used this P2P multiple times. Sometimes its sharing my own video, steeling a clip from another movie, and so on. I think the issue with P2P is that people see it as only a bad thing, i think they could help change the image of P2P because right now people would probably think that its just a stealer.

8: DIY Culture (Nov. 1st)

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. This is a movement that has been around for a very long time. It is basically making something yourself instead of buying it at the store pre-made. Usually the benefit of this is that you save money because you are not paying someone to make it, and you are putting the labor in yourself. Although the DIY culture has been around for a while, the internet has magnified it. Because of the capabilities of posting video tutorial on how to make things, or web pages that have instructions, it is very easy to access “how to’s” from anywhere at any point of the day. Also you are now capable of learning anything because there are people internationally posting these videos, so you can learn things from all around the world. I think the DIY culture is important because it helps people save money, as well as customize the product they are making, if they need to. I think it is also a great way for people to teach one another. I enjoy DIY videos, and many things i do, or create, come from the base of a DIY video, because they are able to teach m skills i may not already have but could use. If you have never seen a DIY video check them out on YouTube, they are fun and teach people basically anything they would want to know.

9: Transmedia (Nov. 8th)

Basically this is telling stories through media. This is basically telling the same story in multiple different media forms. For example twilight, it was a book, a movie, audio book, had a soundtrack. People from many interest fields can enjoy one product, because it is explored through multiple areas, usually falling under one, someone may enjoy. This is something that is important for business with their marketing. If someone enjoys something, they will invest their money in multiple aspects of it. If someone enjoys the movie they may buy the soundtrack, the game, the book ect. It also adds value to products, because if a story idea becomes popular, more people will want the merchandise, making the merchandise more valuable, creating more profit for businesses.

10: Artificial Intelligence (Nov. 15th)

Today’s class was focused on artificial intelligence. This concept for me was out of my comfort zone. I say this because I am not used to being around, or even seeing, many of the robots or machines actually work, other than what i have seen in films. Basically artificial intelligence discusses many aspects of things created which can work and be efficient and do jobs and tasks. The concept of them i have always found fascinating because pieces of technology are able to communicate and do so much more than i think i usually give credit. An example which i have always enjoyed was the famous Siri; you can ask her questions and the majority of the time, if done correctly, she has a valid answer. During the presentations we were shown simple, as well as, complex versions of artificial intelligence. These complex machines are what i usually have a issue discussing. The reason for this is that i am not really sure how i feel about them. There are many arguments for and against them. I do not think i know enough of both sides of the situation to actually make a decision. That being said, i do find them very interesting. I think that the fact that we are able to create technology that has so many capabilities is amazing. I hopefully can look into artificial intelligence more in the future, because the presentations showed how amazing these forms of technology can be. I know if i do more research about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, and understand different sides of the arguments made for them, then i will be able to properly make a decision on how i feel about this form of technology.

11: Generative Arts(Nov. 22nd)

Creating art through computer, using algorithms, which is a step by step procedure for calculations. One thing i learned was it is not only used in art, but can be seen in architecture, through 3D printings, as well in basic forms children toys, Google maps, and many more. Generative arts is an interactive process, and is best seen or produced when you see it first hand, or through video, because you are able to see the process at work. I enjoyed playing around on the website, because it gave me the opportunity to interact with this type of art, and i think it was a great aspect to the presentation, because being able to interact with what the presenter was discussing, helped me understand how it worked a little better. Also discussed, was how New Media is effected, or can use this. One way, discussed another presentation, which is being able to use this in things such as interactive art, because you are able to create art pieces that you can have viewers interact with. An I can think of is the example of maybe a giant screen or frame, and using these algorithms, create a way, that if the person stands in front of the screen, can interact with this, and create generative art. Although i do not fully understand how this works, i will definitely be doing some research with this, as well as playing around on WeaveSilk more too!