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MPM107 New Media Innovators

25 Oct

First I will give a brief on these entire artist, then I will discuss why they are new media artist because the answer is basically the same for each.



One quote I found on him was that “Vivaldi’s music was innovative. He brightened the formal and rhythmic structure of the concerto, in which he looked for harmonic contrasts and innovative melodies and themes; many of his compositions are flamboyantly, almost playfully, exuberant.” (Wikipedia) I think this basically describes how he was a New Media artist because he is known to create something bringing two things together but being original about it, he happened to do this with music.


John Cage:

He also produced music, like Vivaldi, but he created a new media form with the harmony it was said that “Cage started developing further methods of breaking away with traditional harmony…Cage first composed a number of gamuts: chords with fixed instrumentation.” (Wikipedia).



In one of his famous projects Thru You, he was able to mix medias, and create a new type of music video as well as type of music through a collaboration of different video clips, using them all together to compose a piece of music.


Evelyn Glennie:

She is a deaf women who was able to learn how to listen through the vibration through herself, she discusses in this video, and shows, how she is able to receate an experience of suing music, even though she can not hear it, she has created a new experience by being able to feel it.


Golan Levin, Scott Gibbons, Gregory Shakar, Yasmin Sohrawardy:

This group was able to create music using dialtones. They use the sound of ringers from phones to create pieces of musical art.


Eric Whiteacre:

This piece of work that Eric created found in this video, shows a new form of creation of music, he is able to create music using all types of voices recorded through video, he put them together to create a musical piece. The amazing thing is he is not focusing on the lyrics, but the sounds the people made for him, to collaborate, to create a beautiful and peaceful piece without instruments


One thing, which I can see that all the artists have in common, other than them all dealing with the medium of music, is that, they created something from something else previously known to them. They all took a chance and tried to create something new from something old. This is new media, and this is what allows them to be considered new media artists.


Also you can see that this idea of new media is not anything new, or having to do with technology, people were recreating, and advancing things in a new way for as long as we can remember, so we should put it in perspective for ourselves that this is not a new concept.


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24 Oct

01: How do search engines index webpages?

They basically use a system that collects all the data from a page, into something almost of a library, so when you search, it can go and access anything in its library (How Search Engines Work)
02: Do ip addresses affect search engine ranking, why/how?

The ip does affect the search engine, first reason, if you do not have an individual ip address, the connection is slower, also, it has been speculated that they are ranked lower, most likely because anyone can make it, and it may not be reliable (Colocation America)
03: Are keywords important for SEO, why/how?

When someone uses a search engine, it will look for the terms they use and see where they find them in other pages. By using keywords that relate to your website, you will bring more people to your site. (HiBu)
04: How can you optimize html tags for SEO?

here’s a way through code to having specific keywords attached to any web page. When this is done, the crawlers, which index the web, find these tags and begin adding new websites for something particular to show up.
06: Can you  use
Alt attribute for search optimization, why/how?

Alt Attribute can certainly be used for Search Optimization, for instance when an image is added onto a post on WordPress, it give you options of Caption, All Text and Description, when these areas are filled in the content gets indexed.  Overall, by continuously adding the same tags and keywords, it allows the webpage to show up more often on search engines. Alt text is generally the “All Text” on WordPress.
07: Can you  use
title attribute for search optimization, why/how?

Similar to Alt Attribute, whenever a webpage asks for a “Title”, make sure to fill it in because it will definitely get indexed allowing it to provide anyone who visits the website with additional information on what the text is generally regarding.

08: Can you use a robots.txt file for search optimization, why/how?

Basically a program that is able to tell the crawlers what they can index, or what they cannot

09: How can you optimize a blog for Searching?

Using the proper keywords for people to search with, with help when people are searching for your blog because if you use the write keywords you will grab their attention, and if you answer the keyword question, or discuss, or whatever your blog is for, then people will enjoy your blog because it was useful to them
10: How does SEO work with mobile devices?

This works in a very similar way to the way if works on the computer, jut the bots are slightly different because they are looking for information using the internet as a\opposed to looking for in for a computer.
11: Does twitter use SEO?

Twitter does use SEO. One major area we see this is when they use hash tags “#”. A hash tag is basically a keyword, so that people can search using these hash tags.

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MPM107 Article Reflection

24 Oct

Virtual worlds are an important space that has been created. People use these virtual spaces for all sorts of reasons. The article “ “ discussed many different aspects of virtual worlds, but focusing on the difference it made before and after going into one of the spaces.

            One points the article made was that people base their expectations of something like a virtual world in two ways, by “having had previous experience with the media product or something

similar, or having acquired information about the media product from another source.” (Dervin 41) I found this to be an important aspect of the article to me because I had a specific idea of what I thought virtual worlds were. Most of my ideas were influenced by what I gathered through media, from television, movies, and books. Personally I though virtual worlds were a place for people to go to play games as a character they created. These expectations of what I thought a virtual world was, is what made me not want to further investigate what a virtual world was. When reading this article, I decided to take a better look at a virtual world, and I was shown that my expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded. I think that virtual worlds, whichever type they are, are way more than what is shown in the media. The media usually portrays gamer using virtual worlds but they are really meant for anyone and everyone, and there are virtual spaces for everyone. I think it is important to focus on the expectations of virtual worlds because they are mis-understood by many people because of media. I think that if people were to actually use virtual worlds, it may exceed their expectations because it gives them a place to be themselves, and many times do things they may not be able to do in real life.

            I think that overall, virtual worlds are a great place for anyone to check out because they may be something that you did not expect, or something you were mislead about. The article discusses many other aspects of virtual worlds, in depth, so if you are interested in this topic please check out this link:

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