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MPM107 New Media Research

19 Sep

I think the field of new media has a lot of opportunity for people who have multiple skills. If you do not have all these skills, then maybe a few, and you can work on the others. The skills I think you need going into any field of new media is creativity, because you need to be able to think in creative ways to create projects, critique others work,  and the field is based on new types and forms of media, and to create something ‘new’ you need to think in a creative way. I also think it is very important to have good presentation skills; this is because new media is many times based on groups. The reason for this is because new media can combine so many aspects of design and creation that working with multiple people with specialized skills means you can have the best product from multiple levels (technological, design, creativity, production) Although being able to work in a group is important, it is also important to be able to be able to make presentations. Whether you are presenting your idea to other interested co-workers, a pitch to a company (to receive grants, or so they choose you to create their project) it is an important skill to have (For more on oral presentations visit my blog post in Week Two).

Personally I think I have decent creativity skills so I do not think I need much help in that area (although learning different creative ways to do things is always good for anyone who wants to expand their creative minds). Where I need help I think is more being able to manage working in groups, I find that I do a good job listening to others, their ideas, and their skills, but I dislike working with someone who has no passion for the project (whatever it may be) because if a group shares the same passion for a project everyone will do well in whatever their job is. Another area I would like to advance is my presentation skills. Although I have pretty good public speaking skills, I think it is important to learn how to make an effective presentation. (Read my blog post in Week Two to find out more about public speaking and presentation). Hopefully I have been able to give you a simple look on skills I have seen to be important to work on when going into the New Media industry.


MPM107 Oral Skills

19 Sep

Public speaking, some hear this and basically freak out, but not for me. Although I get a little nervous, giving an oral presentation has never been scary for me. I think for me it is easy to speak in front of a group of people because when I was younger I was a dancer. Being a dancer means getting on stage multiple times a day and performing in front of hundreds and even thousands of strangers. Personally I think this is what helped me overcome any type of fear regarding public speaking and oral presentations. Although being able to get up and speak is important, it is only a small part of what is important.

The first thing, which is important, is the content. Although you may not always have the option, I think it is important to make sure the content is important and relevant to the audience your speaking to. On it is discussed how organizing the content is important; Making sure that the beginning with capture the audiences attention, using minimal points to explain rather than pages of words. They also discuss making sure that at the end of your presentation “It is very important to leave your audience with a clear summary of everything you have covered.” This is one area where I think I could focus more on because I know sometimes I feel unorganized and a little ‘all over the place’ when doing a presentation.

They also discuss visual aids, which for me is something I always enjoy using in presentations. I enjoy PowerPoint, but I like to include videos, or images so that I can capture the audiences attention and make it more visual appealing; It basi

cally gives the audience a break from only seeing text.

I think learning how to do a proper and effective oral presentation is important because in almost any job you may be interacting with others, making pitches, explaining ideas etc. I would recommend anyone to check out this website because it has some great tips!

MPM107 exercise 2: New Media Research?

19 Sep

MPM107 – Assignment #2 – Group Assignment

Check out the power point my group maybe to explain new media research, as well as explain the role of creativity in research.


MPM107 Interdisciplinary Research

18 Sep

Leggett discusses different aspects of working with New Media. One thing discussed was practiced based research, which was explained by saying that “reflective approach to draw together into the poster the various notes and diagrams that had been accumulating on paper and in mind. The format is a familiar mode of presentation at science and technology events” (Leggett, 266). The pro’s of working like this is that it brings together the creative aspect, which many media artists do well with, and a communication aspect, with charts and diagrams, which shows the verbal and thought aspect. With these two together, it makes it easier for an artist to explain ideas they have without having to just use words. It gives creative thinkers a creative way to express their ideas. The con to this method of research is that it may be difficult to find an effective way to showcase ideas using, not only one element but using two. This may not be a big challenge, but it is a challenge never the less.

Another idea discussed in the article artists in the laboratory. This idea, I think is quite interesting, especially after listening to the quirks and quarks podcast (visit an earlier blog to read my thoughts and catch the link). This idea of artist in a laboratory can have many pros. The first pro I think is the fact that an artist usually things more creatively than someone who focuses in the field of science, mostly because they do work based on exact numbers and formulas. Having two different types of thinkers in the same space can have many benefits because the projects will have a creative background with a scientific base. The con from this type of collaboration would be that it may be difficult to express the different ideas to someone who thinks very different. Again this is a challenge, but defiantly not something that cant be over came.

In conclusion there are many aspects in which media is changing its boundaries, whether it is presentation or collaboration, but this is a good thing. As media changes so does the way it is presented and explored with. This world of media is always keeping us on our toes.

The article being discussed in this blog is “Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-Based Research” by Mike Leggett (Leggett, Mike. Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-Based Research.Convergence (August 2006), 12 (3), pg. 263-269.)

MPM107 Tinkering

18 Sep

Tinkering was something that, like the author of Tinkering, I originally though of as something that meant you had to physically handle tangible objects. After reading the article though i was shown a new outlook which has changed my definition. My definition of tinkering now is based on the idea that tinkering could be mentally too. I think that tinkering is using your imagination and creativity and exploring different possibilities. Hopefully this definition has come across as broad, because that was the idea. I do not think that tinkering can be chained to one specific way of doing something because there are so many ways that a person can tinker. It could be physically with objects, or drawing, or even mentally tinkering with ideas.

The video by John Seely Brown also discussed tinkering and helped me create that definition. One idea he discussed was the parallel of tinkering and critique. He discussed how a person could tinker when giving or receiving a critique. How it is seen, is to critique something you look at what may be good or bad, and think of different ways it could be fixed, this, if going back to my definition is using your imagination or creativity and exploring a different possibility. I think this video is also a great tool to use to show a more mental side of tinkering, as well as a more communal way, because it discusses sharing ideas with another person, or group of people.

I think these new ideas of tinkering are great, but it makes me think about my skills with tinkering, and where I can excel and also fix. I think I can excel in the aspect of being able to create multiple ideas of something, usually through small sketches. I think this is a great skill to have when discussing tinkering because it may be hard for some people to come up with multiple ideas based on one project. Where I do not do as well, and would like to learn more in, is being able to self criticize. Usually I am able to take criticisms from other people but I think it is important to see the issues in your own work.

I would encourage everyone to check out the article and video because it has expanded my idea on tinkering, and I am now able to see that it is achieved in more way that’s one.