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RTA 223 Proposal:Car Mod App

1 Feb

Car clubs or automotive enthusiasts have been around since cars were invented. There has been a culture that has established around this community and it is amazing! The following of is not really limited either; People of all ages, nationalities, genders, not only love gazing cars, but love customizing their own. Car modifications, or ‘mods’ for short, have become a big deal for so many car enthusiasts because they are able to customize their ‘ride’, and make the experience of being a car enthusiast that much more personal and exciting.

The issue with car mods is the fact that sometimes you are making purchases blindly. The reason for this is when you want to buy a part (example new rims) you do have an image of what the rims look like, and you may be able to find on Google, a picture of another car with those rims on, but there is no way to see them on your own car. People are willing to spend upwards of $1000 for a simple pair of rims for their car, and usually when spending that much money, you want to know for sure you will enjoy the product you are getting. The other issue is the majority of the time people will be modifying their car, with previous mods they have done to it. If they saw just a standard, or stock, car with those mods done, they could get a better picture, but not as good as if they could see it on their exact car.

The app I’m proposing will solve all these problems and more! The app would be created where the user could choose the make, model, year, and color of their car. From there they would receive an image of a stock car with the specifics they requested. From there they could try on different exterior mod’s (side skirts, spoilers, rims, hood, etc.) to see what they thought. They could also line up a picture in a specific way, under the template of the stock car, and try the mods on their exact car. The great thing about this app is that you could bring in profit by having different car mod companies buy into the app, this would bring their product onto the app, which gives them advertising, but if the person using the app tries on one of their products, they can be re-directed to buy that exact thing from that company, bringing money to not only the app (for having sponsors) but also to the companies because people will be able to try their product on their own car, and then buy it if they like, which will bring more interest from sponsors, and the cycle continues.

The final aspect to this app would be a social aspect. Another thing is that usually people want others opinions on the mod. I see this on other social media apps all the time, but it would be much more practical to have one place to do this. There could be a social media aspect to the app, where you could save the image with the mods you tried on, and post it on your timeline, where your friends could comment on what they thought.

The other benefit is that I did not find any apps like this. Although you can create fake cars for games, there really was nothing like this app, or nothing that let you do all the things the app I’m proposing could do.

Although this is just a basic explanation, I know that not only will this app be helpful to car enthusiast, but it would make the process of modifying your car so much easier, and fun too!