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MPM107 21st Century Skills

24 Sep

In the article Mindful Infotention: Dashboards, Radars, Filters  a new type of skill was brought up. Now i did know what this skill was but i never thought about using it in this way. It is using the skill of communication to be able to sort through different things you may find on the internet. More in depth, is using a social communication with recommendations. I think that this skill is important to have in media literacy because there is so much that can be found on the internet that if you use reliable people to help you source new and or other information it can be a great help. I do not always go to the links they provide, but i do use the skill in the way that i am aware they are there and available to me. I think were i could improve would be with actually using those sources, that i know have good information, and are pretty accurate, and using them as a source for more information. Basically i think a good thing for me to learn is to use intelligent people on the internet as a sort of library, because they are, or may be, offering even more great information, in a place (the internet) where there can be a lot of uneducated people sending you to even more uneducated places.