MPM107 Interdisciplinary Research

18 Sep

Leggett discusses different aspects of working with New Media. One thing discussed was practiced based research, which was explained by saying that “reflective approach to draw together into the poster the various notes and diagrams that had been accumulating on paper and in mind. The format is a familiar mode of presentation at science and technology events” (Leggett, 266). The pro’s of working like this is that it brings together the creative aspect, which many media artists do well with, and a communication aspect, with charts and diagrams, which shows the verbal and thought aspect. With these two together, it makes it easier for an artist to explain ideas they have without having to just use words. It gives creative thinkers a creative way to express their ideas. The con to this method of research is that it may be difficult to find an effective way to showcase ideas using, not only one element but using two. This may not be a big challenge, but it is a challenge never the less.

Another idea discussed in the article artists in the laboratory. This idea, I think is quite interesting, especially after listening to the quirks and quarks podcast (visit an earlier blog to read my thoughts and catch the link). This idea of artist in a laboratory can have many pros. The first pro I think is the fact that an artist usually things more creatively than someone who focuses in the field of science, mostly because they do work based on exact numbers and formulas. Having two different types of thinkers in the same space can have many benefits because the projects will have a creative background with a scientific base. The con from this type of collaboration would be that it may be difficult to express the different ideas to someone who thinks very different. Again this is a challenge, but defiantly not something that cant be over came.

In conclusion there are many aspects in which media is changing its boundaries, whether it is presentation or collaboration, but this is a good thing. As media changes so does the way it is presented and explored with. This world of media is always keeping us on our toes.

The article being discussed in this blog is “Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-Based Research” by Mike Leggett (Leggett, Mike. Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Practice-Based Research.Convergence (August 2006), 12 (3), pg. 263-269.)


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