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MPM107 New Media?

13 Sep

Whoa! That’s all I can say after listening to the Quirks and Quarks podcast. This was definitely an eye opener for me to what we are able to do with the different technologies that have been created.  (Link to the website here

Now when I originally heard some of the ideas that were discussed in the podcast I instantly thought ‘science’. It does really sound like it is all science but I think science is just one half of the creation of these projects. An example they discussed was being able to use a 3D printer to create a heart. I think this definitely has a science aspect to it, which will figure out the biology and ‘science’ part (which I don’t know a whole lot about so I do not want to throw any terms out there and use them incorrectly). I also think there is an art aspect to many of these new ideas. Sticking with the 3D printer to print a human heart example, we can see that there is this creative aspect of the design, and the thought behind. I also think a New Media aspect to this project would involve the 3D printer part. The 3D printer was a New Media device, so by incorporating a science element to it great things can be accomplished.

The podcast definitely changed my outlook on New Media and what it people are capable of in this industry. I think my definition for New Media now is more along the lines of ‘Being able to create and communicate through all forms of media’.


MPM107 Blogging

13 Sep

Blogs, one of the most personalized ways to express yourself in one place on the internet (in my opinion). Now I have to explain why I say this because after doing research on blogs, this is my final thought. Blogs basically give a person or group a way to express their ideas, thoughts or findings all in one place. Each person can do it creatively in which ever way they choose, that is what makes it personal, because just like each person is unique, so is each blog. I think one of the things I saw most when looking through different blogs was that although most follow a certain way of organizing and showing information (like using comment feeds and categorizing posts) each person still has an identity through their blog. I think this is present because not only can you verbally express anything you choose, you can also use links, pictures, videos, songs, and other forms of media in your blog to express ideas through different forms of media. I think this is what makes blogs enjoyable, because a reader is able to become apart of a persons blog in more ways than one, although most blogs are text based.

Another thing I found when researching blogs was that if there is something that your interested in (crafting, sports, beauty, and the list goes on) that you can follow or subscribe to blogs and every time they post you can have another learning experience. I think this is a great feature of blogs because if someone finds a blogger who they connect with and/or enjoy reading they can keep up with their blog because its something that it kept up with (as apposed to reading an internet website that someone wrote in once and will never comment or keep up with). With most blogs, you can see new posts every month, every week or even (for those serious bloggers) everyday.

I think another important aspect of blogs is that the person blogging is able to discuss what ever they want. This, I think, is important because there are not many areas of the Internet where you can write continuously and constantly about anything you choose.

Me, being a new blogger, I do see some challenges. I think blogs, although look simple, with usually just one basic feed, there is a technical aspect behind it. I don’t think that it is impossible to learn; I just think it will be a little bit of a challenge for me to grasp at the beginning.

Hopefully after I overcome all the challenges with learning how to blog, I will be able to get right into what I think will be exiting to do, which is be able to have creative ability to discuss certain topics, and my thoughts or findings around it. I think I am excited about being able to have a voice on the Internet as well, because blogging is a great way to show people who you are, what’s important to you, or just your opinion on certain topics.

I have to say that I am definitely excited to have a blog, and be apart of this new world!

MPM107 Introduction

13 Sep
In this post, not only will I be discussing some of my interests with new media, but also a new friend I met.
Today during class we had an interactive “ice breaker” which helped not only make a new friend, but also got the discussion topic of New Media going.
When we were first told we had to introduce another person, I was a little scared, but I actually learned some new things with this exercise. The first thing I learned was that the girl who I sat beside, who was wearing some killer studded boots, was named Tiffany. I also learned that she was from Mississauga. Obviously that started the conversation of commuting, because like any other Ryerson student who lives off campus knows, it can be quite stressful at times, so meeting someone who goes through that same stress everyday can be reassuring that your not the only crazy one (although commuting isn’t that crazy). After we finished talking about the struggle of commuting I learned that Tiffany got into New Media because she liked the blend between technology and media (Although the two of us were a little confused of the real meaning of new media, we’ll before the discussion we had in class). Another interesting thing I learned about Tiffany was that she loves light projection art. At first when she said this, I was a little confused because I had never herd of this before, so the obvious thing to do was to pull up the trusty old Google page and do a search. If you follow this link Light Projection Art you to can see the beauty of this art form. Basically it is graphic art created to be projected on basically anything, but its not simple, it is very complex, and very beautiful. I was so happy to not only have met another commuter, who didn’t think I was crazy for taking 1 1/2 hours to get to school, but I met someone who introduced me to a fascinating form of art that I had no idea existed. All this being said, I could tell that Tiffany would be looking for a creative path to express ideas, and that was what this class would do for her.
As for me, I originally was confused with New Media because I had a difficult time grasping exactly what it was because there were so many examples. After the class discussion about New Media I learned that it was more because New Media changes all the time, so the examples from past years will not fully explain New Media of today.
As to what I am looking to get out of the class, well that is a little simple for me to explain. What I am looking to get out of the class is a better understanding to how certain types of technology, including things like social media sites, affect our society and the content we have access to in different forms. I also would like to be introduced to the many different worlds of technology, including virtual worlds, which I do not know much about, but I think they are fascinating.
So there it is, a little about a classmate, a little about me, but do not worry because I will be back sharing my New Media adventures with you!

MPM107 exercise 1: New Media?

8 Sep

1.Definition of new media is using an array of social apparatus’ as a form of communication and expression

2.An example of Technological new media is social media networks such as:

  • twitter
  • youtube
  • facebook
  • instagram,
  • blogs,
  • voting polls

3.Creative examples of New Media is:

Post Secret, created by Frank Warren, is an example of a creative new media, where individuals anonymously create post cards that entail their deepest and darkest creates, as well their most personal thoughts and post them for the world to see.

4.The Museum of Inuit Art has a community interaction piece where you people have the opportunity to write in a speaking bubble about their diasporic experience and then tape it to the community interaction piece

5.This form of media is unique because it requires some form of human interaction.

6.Skills required:
-Computer programs
-Communication skills
-Knowing one’s audience