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MPM107 Group

27 Sep

      Working in groups is important, I think especially in our area of work. I think being in a media field where the creation of things becomes important, being able to interact and work with others is important because one person is not able to every single task required. Also bringing in other people allows different points of views, and more creative suggestions. 

            In this class I have had the opportunity each week to work with people in groups for assignments. I think the hardest part about working in groups has been that sometimes it may be hard to communicate effectively over email or social media if you have a difficult time explaining yourself through text. I think other than that it is great to work with different people and be able to have multiple opinions and great discussions stemming from people with all different backgrounds. I think I could improve on the way I interact with people via email, because sometimes my emails may be cluttered with many thoughts going on, so I think I can improve on creating more organized emails. I think so far I have done a good job with keeping communication with the members of my group and always responding and getting back to them as soon as possible.

            If you are looking for any information about how to work well with in a group setting please check out these sites:

They give great tips on how to work effectively with others, establishing schedules, discussions through groups, and more!


MPM107 Blooms Digital Taxonomy

27 Sep

To read more about Blooms Digital Taxonomy go to

When I first read the web page the thing which stood out at the me most was the chart. The chart has a number of categories starting from remembering, which is the base of thinking skills, and advancing its way up to creating. When discussing this chart I think the area which is my worst is the first one, remembering.  The hard part for me is trying to grasp the ideas about a particular thing, it usually just involves more repetition or different explanations for me to remember something. Usually though, once I have something memorized, the rest is much easier. I think where I’m strong from these categories is creating. Usually once I get a grasp on something, everything after that becomes much easier, and I’m able to excel (Like in the creation part) but it does usually take me a little longer to be able to remember and understand, but once those are down, I head as fast as I can to the creation part. I think why I do well in the creation part is because I am able to learn, and develop something in a hands on way.

MPM107 Social Media as Research Tools

27 Sep

Four different ways social media can be used for research:

1.     Find anybody’s opinion on a topic

  • a.     Pro: Through social media you have someone who’s giving their opinion who could   have any kind of background in the topic your looking
  • b.     Con: You do not always know how reliable the opinion is

2.     Easy to interact with the person who you get information from

  • a.     Pro: You can talk to the person and ask questions and be more interactive with them
  • b.     Con: They might not know the exact answer your looking for and lead you in the        wrong direction

3. It is easy to access 24/7

  • a.    Pro: You can basically access any social media site through not only any computer, but any handheld device as well (such as a phone or a tablet). This means people can have access to the media at any time no matter where they are.
  • b.    Con: Sometimes certain sites, or connection providers have glitches, or are down to be fixed which can make it hard to access (Basically you must have a peice of technology and internet access

4.  Find out information on who is giving you their insight

MPM107 What Makes a Good Blog?

27 Sep

Today we are looking at two blogs; The Good Blog, and The Bad Blog.

The first difference you see in the two blogs is that The Good Blog is simple. At first glance, nothing is cluttered or busy. The Bad Blog tends to have to much going on. Its cluttered and not as clear. The biggest difference between the two blogs is that The Good Blog is easy to sort through. It is easier to access different parts of the sites with the drop down menus, and you are able to read the catergories, because they have clear subcategories. Exploring the site is much easier. On The Bad Blog there is not much organization. Everything is in the side, and you have to scroll down the page to find things, The Good Blog the good blog has everything available at the top of the page. What I think will be the most helpful to do in my own blog, is create organized categories and sub categories. They are simple to use and sort through if you are looking for something specific.

What’s nice about the The Good Blog is that it is very clean cut. It does not have much colour in it so the viewer understands that it is mostly an academic/simple straight forward blog. The captions are right in my view the moment The Good Blog appears on the screen. So you can not miss it! it is categorized so simple that anybody can find what they are looking for, rather than countless right clicks to end up in the same place you started with! The Bad Blog on the other hand is creative and colourful so it leaves the ideal viewer a little puzzled. There is not much categorization in the blog so it makes it really hard to search for what you need. It is time consuming and confusing which makes time researching gone to waste. The Bad Blog is pretty though.. I’ll give it that.


MPM107 Interactive Communication

25 Sep

The article discussed in this blog post can be found here

This article discusses the relationship between politics and media. In the political world, media has become a new tool. The article states it is used in three ways:

(1) interactivity as accountability

(2) interactivity as inquiry, and

(3) interactivity as connectivity.

The first idea is showing how in politics they will use these media networks to show people the things they are going to accomplish or do. It gives them a place to explain themselves about different issues and be accountable, without having to hold a press conference.

Another idea is using it as inquiry, being able to see what people are looking for or what they want. I have found people usually speak their mind, especially on social media, because they loose the direct confrontation, and this would be a perfect area for politicians to see what people like or dislike about something, and solve the problem from their.

Lastly it discusses using it to connect. I think this is is more to create a personal feel to many politicians who most people would never have the opportunity to talk to. Through media, their are so many ways to talk ‘one on one’ to people, answer their questions, or have discussions, without having to be in the same room. It is easy for politicians to answer at any time of the day they are free as well as the person (or people) involved in the discussion.

Basically the idea of them being more present in the media just pushes their ideas more and makes them present in areas where people spend a lot of their time. it is a place where they can put their ideas and campaigns, and people will see it because media is so present in everyone’s lives, whether it be social media, or television, but it has been more present in social media since it became a  source for peoples information.

MPM107 21st Century Skills

24 Sep

In the article Mindful Infotention: Dashboards, Radars, Filters  a new type of skill was brought up. Now i did know what this skill was but i never thought about using it in this way. It is using the skill of communication to be able to sort through different things you may find on the internet. More in depth, is using a social communication with recommendations. I think that this skill is important to have in media literacy because there is so much that can be found on the internet that if you use reliable people to help you source new and or other information it can be a great help. I do not always go to the links they provide, but i do use the skill in the way that i am aware they are there and available to me. I think were i could improve would be with actually using those sources, that i know have good information, and are pretty accurate, and using them as a source for more information. Basically i think a good thing for me to learn is to use intelligent people on the internet as a sort of library, because they are, or may be, offering even more great information, in a place (the internet) where there can be a lot of uneducated people sending you to even more uneducated places.